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Did Jesus direct me to create lingerie with magic gemstones? A reply letter to my Father~

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Spiritually Symbolic Supportive tool adorned and empowered with beautiful gifts of Nature! That's what I'm talking about!  


I believe the relationship daughters have with their Father's are directly related to the relationships we are able to cultivate with our intimate life partnerships making the necessity to communicate your truth whenever possible such a cathartic and enriching benefit so worth the effort. ~Truly an exercise of understanding the necessity of root chakra energy allowing us the stability and groundedness needed to allow our heart chakras to flourish with loving connections that in turn feeds our throat chakra to always live authentically and speak our truth! So all that being said, when I received a letter from my Father a few months ago saying that he wanted me to have a business that brought me joy and success but he questioned whether or not "Jesus could be directing me to start a business that promoted magic Hindu stones, (because Jesus wasn't directing him that way)...." yep, he said that!....after I laughed in shock, then felt momentarily saddened and the jolt of swirled energy subsided in my solar plexus chakra, I decided the best way to respond would be with an educational based reply. As I have come to understand that most fear we humans experience is just based in lack of knowledge. So I'm sharing all of this with you, my dear fellow~earth loving~gemstone obsessed~Goddess honoring~moon gazing~ Chakra aware soul mates in the hopes that if you ever encounter a similar situation of a loved one not understanding the admiration and faith you hold in all of Earth's glorious gifts, you will have a memory of my story to support you and perhaps even some helpful information to pass on as well.

Hi Daddy,

I just wanted to take some time to respond to your letter you sent me because I hope it will offer you a better understanding of the inspiration behind Chakra Intimates because it’s truly important for me to know that you’re not unnecessarily troubled over or embarrassed to tell friends about the basis of my pursuit and passion.

First of all, it (Chakra Intimates) is not affiliated with any religion being Hindu, Buddist, Christian, or anything. The word Chakra is Sanskrit which is an Indian language and it does date back to the earliest references of health explorations from ancient healers and sages which were the equivalent’s of our modern day doctors. "Chakra" translates to “spinning wheel of energy”. They called certain areas of the body chakras or energy wheels because they found that any dis-ease, major or minor, or physical manifestations, or emotional reactions could all be related back to one of these 7 main “energetic” centers of the body. On a physical perspective say for example, a headache or confusion, delirium, pituitary problems etc could be traced back to the third eye or crown chakra (located in the head), issues with the thyroid or sore throat would relate to the throat chakra area, lung and heart disorders or even the feeling of a broken heart all relate back to the heart chakra and so on down the body. It wasn’t and isn't anything woo woo...the concept is actually pretty literal and makes sense to name these energetic powerhouse areas of our bodies something easy to remember and that anyone could understand and utilize to recognize areas of imbalance or weakness to hopefully energize and heal themselves.

Further explorations of the body/mind/soul/consciousness connections gave even deeper understanding that these energy vortexes so-to-speak in our bodies also held the consciousness for our emotional bodies/centers/selves (whatever terminology is more relatable to your understanding and beliefs). Such as when we feel a heartache it hurts in our chest/heart chakra, when we feel nervous we feel it in our solar plexus chakra which is situated on our diaphragm area and we say we have “butterflies” there, when we are having trouble communicating our thoughts and feelings we get a lump in our throat/throat chakra, when we are feeling ungrounded and insecure we feel it as weak in the knees which is our root chakra. Totally makes sense, its just a terminology to reference these areas….

I don’t want to go into another subject but just for support and further association, I have to mention that this is similar to the basis of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine that Acupuncture is based on and has been practiced for some 5000 yrs as well & now taught in all leading medical schools including Yale, Harvard, etc. The meridians and acupuncture points that are stimulated with needles are all energy pathways that lead through our bodies and relate to our emotional and physical condition. This is not disputed. They call the points Chi or Qi points which just means energy points.

I don’t understand why if Christians believe all glory be to God, why isn’t inclusive to the amazing discoveries of these ancient people were Divinely guided as well?..

Now, relating to the gemstones; since this terminology and belief system dates back so far in time, we have to consider the means these healers used to help people overcome their physical and emotional problems; they looked to the earth for healing support by way of herbs, foods, sitting in sunlight, bathing in waters, using essences and oils from flowers, etc, etc. Then as with all progression and deep exploration and time spent studying and communing with nature, they found that many different resources from nature carry a vibrational frequency. OF COURSE THEY DO. AND OF COURSE HUMANS DO TOO, RIGHT? (Just to make a point, not

Soooo, certain gemstones have been found to vibrate at the same frequency as our certain chakra centers. I really don’t understand why this would be hard for anyone to believe at all. Gemstones have been forming in the earth for 100’s, 1000’s of yrs. Of course they have great vibrational qualities and frequencies. Flowers have vibrational frequencies, they measure it on a Hertz scale to find their medicinal potencies. We use Quartz stone in LCD screens and to help balance watches because they maintain such a precise frequency standard.  

These are all gifts from God, Allah, the Universe, Mother Nature. Different people give the glory and thanks differently so that’s up to the individual to choose who they give thanks for these amazing gifts of nature that we can use to assist us in our healing and spiritual growth. I think the only reason anyone, you included, would assume the use of gemstones as a healing practice would be related to a Hindu religion or any eastern is because many of these ancient religions have continued to rely on the gifts of the earth to support their physical and spiritual growth while many Christians have become increasingly fearful of the risk of damnation, either earthly by their peers or afterlife, for connecting into any relationship that isn’t outwardly recognized as based in Christian Fatih/Dogma even if any spiritual communion with nature actually truly is. You may not believe this yet and hopefully you will, but meditation is not associated with any religion either despite the fact that many Hindu’s & Buddhists, etc practice it; Christians can do it too and they should.  

A Christian can just as easily sit down to pray or meditate, using a crystal or stone on their alter or sacred space with the intention of increasing the energy they are creating through their prayers with the help of this amazingly powerful gift from nature which is of course a gift from God. Also, I don’t see the difference in someone bringing in a cross or rosary beads to someone who is sick and in need of spiritual support. The infusion of healing energy in those items came from the individual who brought them and supported by the one receiving. I don’t want to digress but I think you can understand the analogy I’m making about using supportive tools in our lives to bring balance, health & spiritual growth.

So, I’ll end with the relation to my lingerie line. Many women carry gemstones in their purses, bras, pockets as do many men (not bras but you know what I mean) as a sort of a talisman or lucky stone so-to-speak or reminder of a special day at the beach with a loved one who is passed, or because they are in tune with the vibration of a particular stone and have noticed that it makes them feel good when they have it near. Does this really have to be anti-Christian, or related to any religion at all? I can’t imagine it does.

So, knowing that many people utilize gemstones as supportive tools to bring awareness to certain chakras or areas of their bodies that they want to focus positivity on or bring more confidence, I was inspired to start this company that creates beautiful lingerie that has real meaning behind it. A power set of lingerie for a woman to wear on a special occasion no different than the reference of the famed “power suit” or “power tie” that someone, even a preacher, may reach for to create that extra boost of confidence during a presentation or sermon.

I know this is a lot to read so I appreciate your patience. It was a lot for me to express and write and I only did it because I love you and your opinion of me and my actions are important to me. When you wrote that "Jesus wasn’t directing you that way, in terms of magic gemstones….”, I beg to differ. I think Jesus was absolutely directing you that way and inspiring you to write what you did so that I could in turn have the opportunity to share some insightful information that may offer you a new and unexpected perspective. I believe life is all about growth and learning from each other so thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I welcome your reply…as short or as long as you can stomach!

I love you very much,

Now in case any of you are wondering, he didn't write me back. We did speak on the phone afterwards and he thanked me for sharing this information with him but he was still apprehensive to say he agreed with everything. I'm totally fine with that for now, because I know the most important thing in all of this was our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings without fear of losing each other. For this I am truly grateful and will always continue to speak my truth and listen with an open heart. To be continued...

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