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We hope you enjoy this post from Raj Barker, Holistic Nutritionist. Our paths crossed in cyberland when, for her IG page, she re-posted our beautiful image of produce we originally shared on finding inspiration in all things. We love sharing thoughts and images within this community of health minded, spiritually focused creative souls out there! Thanks Raj for allowing us to share your words of wisdom and advice for achieving radiant abundance!

"We I'm all about abundance when it comes to food, tell me I can't have something and I go crazy trying to avoid it. It never ends well!  

When it comes to refining your diet to support the healing of your acne, I like to talk about what it is you CAN eat as opposed to what you need to hide from. It's dubbed (by me) as 'The crowding method' and it involves eating all the good foods first so that there is barely any room left for the bad.

Rather than overwhelming yourself with a list of things you MUST avoid like the plague - I invite you to focus on the abundance of high-vibration foods that are going to leave you not only looking radiant but feeling it deep down in your core too.                            

Compile a minimum of 5 vegetables, 2 fruits and a form of clean protein with every meal that you feed yourself everyday. A variety of all the above is good and of course the more vegetables, the better. The idea is that you fill up on all of your non-negotiables first and leave little room for the rest.

It involves organization, planning and determination. These words by Jack Canfield, "Ninety-nine percent is hard--100 percent is easy" almost always pulls me into perspective. If you want clear skin, commit to clear skin, if you want to lose weight, commit to losing weight. Doing things half-heartedly never ends well (neither does extreme restriction and no play). Keep the joy alive.

For more of Raj Barker visit and follow her on IG @rajbarker

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