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Finding I am enough: Influencer interview with actor/writer/blogger Amelia Brantley

 Amelia is the picture of self confidence with her Solar Plexus aglow wearing her Chakra Intimates Ivory Grace Chemise adorned with a Tiger's Eye gemstone

Our “Your Chakra Is Showing” influencer series highlights remarkable women chosen for their unique voice and commitment to female empowerment. Our champions demonstrate feminine strength, personal growth, and a commitment to themselves and the planet every day.

It just takes a few moments of reading Amelia Brantley's Blog "Presently Sober" to become completely engrossed by her accounts as a young, beautiful female actor/writer navigating her way through the winding, sometimes dark tunnels of Hollywood and those that drive the trains. Her first hand accounts of the shady customary interview processes that could easily lead to months of uncomfortable meetings, so deceptively camouflaged as "normal" that she didn't even know to call it harassment until the #metoo and #timesup movements shed light onto her own memories. She discovers that her experiment of living sober for 365 days and writing about it was the catalyst for her self discovery that brought her to the realization, "I am enough"... and then did it again with a year break between to continue the journey. I'm just grateful for her bravery to share it all with us and inspire us to find our own path of being, as she so aptly names her entries,  Presently ~ Reflective, In love (with ourselves), Lit, Dating, Improvising, Positive, Learning and even Quitting when necessary. 

Q: What made you decide that you wanted to support women with your voice? 

A: I was raised by really strong women who always supported each other, so I don't think I ever made a choice to be the same way, it was something that was instilled in me at a very early age, which I'm so grateful for!

Q: Was there a specific moment when you said, “I’ve got to do something now”? 

A: I think in the past year or so I've definitely felt the need to speak up and speak out more. With the #metoo and Time's Up movements happening now,  I feel like I finally can talk openly about my own struggles and listen to other women sharing theirs. It hasn't always been socially acceptable, but it definitely is now, and that's awesome.

Q: Was there a time in your life when you needed support? 

A: Uh, pretty much every day! (laughs)

Q: What was it? 

A: Being in the industry I'm in, I reach out for support on a daily basis. Whether it's a bad audition or a hard day on set or writer's block, there's always something I need to talk out.

Q: Where did you find that support? 

A: I have an amazing circle of support. My family, my friends, my agents and managers, they are all so wonderful and so good at talking things out with me. One of my favorite people, Joanna DeGeneres, has become my go-to for advice pretty much about anything and everything. She's definitely my voice of reason most of the time.

Q: Did you intentionally decide to be an influencer or did it happen as a result of something you did? 

A: I'm not sure I would consider myself an influencer, but it's flattering! I think it kinda comes with the territory. My work is very public, so things like social media and my blog are a way for people to connect and reach out. I guess it did just kinda happen.

Q: What does it mean to you to be an influencer? 

A: It's a responsibility, for sure, but in a good way. I think it can be a really positive way to connect with people. I love when I get an email or message from someone who's read my blog and they tell me how they connected to what I wrote, or when someone has seen something I've been in and they just want to say hello, that's really cool too. I think life is about making genuine, human connection and this is just one way to do that.

Q: How would you describe power for a woman? 

A: I could probably write an entire blog post about this! A woman's power is everything, it's loaded with sensitivity and vulnerability and care, but also fire and spirit and enthusiasm and strength. It can be overwhelming in a wonderful way. It's almost an oxymoron because it's all of these feelings and characteristics put into one mind, body, and soul. I think that's kind of the irony when you look at women's history. We have all this power, almost a saturated amount, yet the urge and instinct to overlook that has always been an issue.

Q: Do you think vulnerability is an asset or a detractor? 

A: An asset, for sure. It goes with what I was saying earlier about human connection. I think that's the most important thing, but also scary and, at least for me, I've always been too scared to be vulnerable because I don't want to be seen as weak. Really, vulnerability is the strongest trait a woman could have, in my opinion.

Q: How do you structure your day? 

A: First of all, I LOVE the word "structure". I'm definitely type A and love to plan things out, so my routine is always written down and ready to go for the week. Of course, some things are unpredictable, so I try to leave a little room to go with the flow. A typical day for me would be hot yoga in the morning, then work, then I usually unwind with friends over dinner or just spend the night cooking at home with my dog.

Q: How important is factoring “me” time? 

A: 100% important. Self care has to be priority.

Q: What does “me time” look like for you? 

A: I love just sitting at home with my dog binge watching "Friends". I'm definitely a homebody.

Q: Where do you look for energetic support? 

A: Energetic support usually comes from my team of agents and managers. They are REALLY good at pumping me up, they're like a team of hype men I have on speed dial. If I'm feeling any kind of doubt or exhaustion, I can reach out to one of them and within 5 minutes, I feel like I could take over the world again. They really believe in me and that support is something I will always be grateful for.

Q: How important is buying with eco-awareness? 

A: It's always been important to me and I'm glad to see it's something being discussed more and more in popular culture today. Yes, it's a little more expensive, but when you do your research and invest and realize that the products are not only better made, but they last a lot longer too, you feel great about those investments!

Q: How do you think we can impact this planet if we bought with preserving it in mind? 

A: If everyone shifted their focus to quality instead of quantity, a lot would change. I  think sometimes we feel like we're just one person, and that we can't make an impact, but I don't think that's true. I think it's important to vote with your dollar and make educated purchases, always know what you're investing in.

Q: What are your top 3 tips for staying happy, whole and successful? 

A: 1) Read emails thoroughly and respond in a timely manner. 2) Get a dog. 3) Smile at a stranger at least once a day.

Q: What is your wish for the women that you support? 

A: That they know how loved and important they are. Every single woman in my life has molded and shaped me into who I am today, and that's someone I'm really, really proud of.

Wise words from a woman who embodies all the qualities necessary for a modern day Influencer.

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