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Christy Marderosian, creator of "Belle and Beast Organics" shares how doing nothing is her best medicine~

Taking moment to recharge while wearing her Unity Tank, Christy shares her "me" time with her fur babies Pepper and Layla.

Our “Your Chakra Is Showing” influencer series highlights remarkable women chosen for their unique voice and commitment to female empowerment. Our champions demonstrate feminine strength, personal growth, and a commitment to themselves and the planet every day.

Christy Marderosian is the kind of gal you meet and think to yourself, "I could totally hang out with her, she's got such a relatable vibe going on." Those were my thoughts when I met her at an event among 300 other vendors. She was standing out with her bright personality and very special skin care line that I soon found out she envisioned and created herself, which is no small endeavor! That relatable vibe translates into her all natural, organic and totally unique products like, "My Only Bags are Handbags, Eye Serum"; "Control Freak, Spot Treatment"; "The Struggle Is Real, Acne Facial Toner"; and my new favorite "Tired AF, Lavender Facial Scrub"; to name just a few. After reading her interview and checking out her line for yourself, I'm sure you'll be impressed with the authenticity of the packaging, starting with the proprietor herself. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to go after your dream or vision knowing that you don't have to, and shouldn't, sacrifice everything to gain true success that can only be measured by your personal sense of peace and happiness. 

What made you decide that supporting other women would be part of The Belle & Beast Organics’ company mission?

I always felt there was a huge flaw in societal views among women. That there has been this unspoken “competition” ingrained in us at a young age. An ideal that we need to be the most attractive so we can get the most attention/get the guy (or girl!) before our girlfriends. I always thought this was ludicrous. First of all, women shouldn’t need the attention from others to feel validated and good about themselves and second, there are far more then enough people in this world for us all to find happiness in a partner. 

When I started my business, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into until I started doing markets. That’s when competition to be the most attractive rose to a different level. I began to sense other apothecary companies feeling threatened that I too, had skincare products. I even experienced a few rude women selling similar items. And I thought, for what? My feelings here go back to my initial point. There is enough for all of us. Enough people for us to find a partner and the same goes with business. There is far more then enough money in the world for us all to have some. And to be honest, you could give the same set of ingredients to two makers, and we would almost always come up with something different, maybe the product would be similar but our branding, marketing, and us as individuals all make it different. 

So in short, (or maybe long at this point!) I have always supported other women. I feel Belle & Beast Organics has given me even more of a platform to do so, too. Ever since my very first event, I have always reached out to other women run businesses, to talk shop, lend advise and even give out my contacts. A mentality that always surprises people. Which frankly, I find to be really sad. We need to band together and support one another. Together, we’re stronger.

Was there a time in your life when you needed support? 

When wasn’t there a time is a better question! I didn’t have a million friends growing up or even into my adulthood. I definitely needed more support in life then I got, especially from women during such fundamental times. It wasn’t until my mid or really, my late 20’s that I started meeting really amazing, supportive women. To be completely honest, many of them I’ve met through my business. There is something to be said of an entrepreneur. You don’t fully understand this life, and how much support you need, until you’re in the thick of it. 

Did you intentionally decide to be an influencer or did it happen as a result of something you did? 

It couldn’t have been further from an intention! I just show up in a way that is true to myself; I am open, positive and extremely supportive. I think Krista from Chakra Intimates saw these traits in me and is why she wanted to feature me. And I feel so incredibly honored. 

 What does it mean to you to be an influencer?

To me, being an influencer means being real. Being true to yourself, giving love to yourself and others and genuinely believing in what you buy/sell/support. I have been approached with many generic messages and emails about “influencers” wanting to promote my products on their page i.e. wanting free product. I don’t feel like that is a true influencer. An influencer is someone that leads by positive example and only promotes what they themselves believe in and already use/practice/contribute to etc. 

 How would you describe power for a woman?  

For Women, power is loving yourself. There is literally no stronger power you can have then a genuine love for yourself. This is something NO ONE can take from you. That’s power. But it comes with a stipulation. To be a powerful woman, loving yourself can’t just be a frame of mind, it has to be a lifestyle. Being active (when you can), taking time for yourself, eating well and loving all your “imperfections”. I feel like there is so much in the media about loving every body [type], and I agree! But you should love your body by taking care of it. Because after all, your body is your temple and you only get one. Loving your body but continuing not to care for it and being unhealthy, isn’t truly loving yourself. 

Do you think vulnerability is an asset or a detractor? 

I think it is absolutely an asset. When we show vulnerability, we become relatable. We become human. Vulnerability helps lend us the avenue to support one another, but is also a means to grow. 

How do you structure your day?  

That is such a loaded question and I wish there was a simple answer, but there isn’t! My days can be all over the place and aren’t normally on a set schedule. In the beginning of my business I struggled with finding balance, working 16 hour days 7 days a week. I’m a workaholic so that’s my norm. But it wasn’t sustainable and I was fairly miserable, isolated and depressed. Lately (and I mean within the last 6 months) I have implemented some structure into my days because, I value my sanity. I like to start out by having my morning coffee and creating my lists of tasks for the day/week. Then I love to walk my dogs, go to yoga or work out in some capacity before tackling my list. I typically work from 7/8am - 5/6pm and reserve the evenings for watering my garden, “me” time, making dinner and spending time with my husband. 

How important is factoring “me” time?  What does it look like to you?

It is so extremely important! Back to my previous statement, your body is your temple and you really have to take care of it. And I’m not just talking once per week on #selfiesunday! I incorporate “Me” time into every day. It’s what keeps me sane. And for me, the small things count: making myself a nice breakfast because I usually go all day without eating, masking or doing some sort of facial treatment even if it just means washing my face in the morning, laying on my yoga mat for a few moments (not necessarily doing yoga!), walking my dogs just around the block, watering my plants or watching an episode of a show - it’s all “me” time. 

Where do you look for energetic support?

That’s a tough question. When I really think about it, I would say I look for energetic support to my incredible assistant who has been with me for 6 months. I put into the universe the type of help I was looking for, and she over exceeded my hopes. She is a beam of positivity, constantly offering fresh new ideas and has been beyond supportive. 

Often times however, I experience serious burn out and the single best thing to recharge my batteries is doing absolutely nothing for an entire day and not feeling guilty. To confess, I have spent at least a dozen days since creating my business doing absolutely nothing. After which, I feel so incredible charged and ready to tackle all the things. It’s my best medicine. 

How important is buying with eco-awareness?

I don’t think people realize JUST how important it is. We are creating so much waste and pollution. It’s killing our planet and, like our bodies, we have just the one. If we don’t make eco-conscious decisions when it comes to our buying power, our children and grand-children will have a much different experience of life, and I don’t think it’s a good one. 

How do you think we can impact this planet if we bought with preserving it in mind? 

If we bought with preserving in mind, there would be far less textile waste in landfills and less pollution from factories producing crazy amounts of fast fashion. I think plastic and textile waste are two of the largest contributing factors in the world’s pollution. If we eliminated our plastic use and reused/repurposed or even rented our clothing alone, we could save the planet!

What are your top 3 tips for staying happy, whole and successful?

1. BALANCE! Balance is so key here. Especially because it is what I’ve struggled with the most. Finding balance in your life, even if you hate your job. Better yet, if you hate your job, leave! That’s what I did. And it was terrifying! I won’t even lie. Yes, I am making less money and don’t have health insurance but I have never been happier in my life. And that, is far more valuable and worth it to me then any amount of money. But even if you are in a shitty job and you’re not loving life, then make sure you create balance in your life by filling every second of the day your’e not at work doing something that makes you happy. Even if that means binging Netflix or re-reading the entire Harry Potter series. 

 2. Take care of your body: this means feeding it nourishing food, being active and loving yourself. Oh and sleep! Get plenty of sleep. Find out what your sweet spot is in terms of hours and aim to get that many every night. Even if your number is 10! I am huge on sleep and definitely allow myself to sleep in without being hard on myself for it. 

 3. And lastly, support other people (especially women!) When you support other women and you genuinely are happy for their success (instead of envious) it puts you on a higher vibration in the universe and attracts like energy - success! 

What is your wish for the women you support?

My hope for all the women I have supported and will support is that they will spread the mentality of self care I encourage (see above) and adapt it into their way of life. That those women will not look at other women or companies as competition, but rather as an avenue to learn and grow from. 


Wise words from a budding entrepreneur who doesn't sacrifice genuine happiness for traditional security. What’s one thing you take away from our interview with Christy that you would like to embody in your own life? Let us know on our Facebook page. You can and should follow Christy @belleandbeastorganics and check out her website to read more about her story and the handsome "Beast" who she lives her life with and is the inspiration for her male product line!  

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