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We're inside Emma Watson's closet!!

March has been an exciting month for many reasons. Spring has begun luring us outdoors with the intoxicating scents of jasmine and orange blossoms hanging within arms reach off just about every sidewalk in Los Angeles right now, we have more daylight again to enjoy the sights of all the gorgeous wildflowers blooming from the winter rains, and the "Beauty and the Beast" movie managed to break box office records making it the "#1 Movie in the World"!

The reason for our excitement of this news, you wonder? Well, besides just being happy that such an inspiring movie with an even more inspiring lead actress has achieved this great honor; it just so happens that the brilliant styling team for the ever impressive, politically outspoken, Uber talented Emma Watson, planned the honorable goal of showcasing Ms. Watson in only sustainable fashions throughout her entire Press Tour for this acclaimed feature that has the attention of the world right now!

This alone would cause us to take pause and applaud their vision for bringing awareness to the brands and companies who are making a concerted effort to minimize waste, choose fabrics that are friendly on the skin and the environment and are cruelty free, but most thrilling for us was to be included in that group of conscious companies!!

Here is the link to the article titled, "Inside Emma Watson's Closet" in reference to The Press Tour's sustainable fashion campaign where you will see our, Made in LA, Vitality Bralette, shown in Ivory color and our Unity Tank, shown in Black.

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