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Clear the Way for an Illuminating New Year

With the new year approaching, it’s common practice to start thinking about the past year and what you would like to change or do differently in the year ahead. Ask any motivational speaker, therapist or social worker about the tools needed to change a life and high up on the list would be vision.

In order to make any change, you have to clearly see the change you want. If you’re wanting to get someplace, you have to see where it is that you are going to. Often vision is connected to goals and plans.

However, there’s a kind of vision that is potentially much more powerful. It’s an inward vision that is not seen with your actual eyes, but with your mind’s eye otherwise known as your third eye.

Your third eye chakra is one of seven spinning wheel-like energy centers distributed vertically throughout your body from the base of your spine to several inches above your head.

The third eye is a mystical invisible eye, deep within the center of your forehead which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.  In some studies, this is referred to as your pineal gland. The third eye is our ability to see what might be, to see potential.

While the five previous chakra centers from the ground up anchors you to the ground, your creativity, your power and your community, your third eye chakra connects you to your sixth sense or your possibility. No wonder, this kind of vision, can be far more powerful than what you see with your eyes and even your goals. Once you clearly connect to this inner vision, it could actually pull you towards it, which would make achieving it a bit easier.

The third eye chakra is positioned between the eyebrows. It is the chakra of knowing, vision and intuition. If your third eye chakra is weak, you might have trouble seeing the big picture, trusting your instincts or visualizing your life’s direction. Your hopes and dreams are centered in this chakra, and if it’s blocked you might feel you have trouble with memory, your ability to plan ahead and be flexible with outcomes.

You might also feel depressed, unable to make decisions, in an emotional rut. Those with a balanced third eye chakra often have charismatic personalities and possibly telepathic abilities.

To face your new year with clarity of a bigger vision for yourself, try on this third eye chakra activation. Note, depending on the level if inner noise going on in your mind, connecting to your third eye might require a few steps.

1. Cultivate Inner Silence
Whether it’s through meditation or calmly sitting in nature, you need to quiet the rapidly firing thoughts or your to do list, you need to cultivate an inner mental stillness to be able to listen to the messages and information that comes through your third eye.

2. Hone Your Intuition
Since the third eye is the center of insight, vision, and higher wisdom you’ll need to define what your intuition feels like to you.

3. Ground Yourself to Soar
It might not be obvious that in order to open your third eye abilities, you need to first anchor both your feet on the ground. Also note the importance of opening up gradually, building reliable foundations first that will allow you to have proper discernment and interpret your extrasensory perceptions with as much clarity as possible.

Why? Because we need to have enough energy running through our whole body and energetic system to support a healthy opening of subtle channels of perception. When the third eye gets activated, the information that comes through might appear rather unusual, unfamiliar, or simply disturbing to the common mind.

Being grounded and having enough energy allows us to expand into subtle dimensions of perception. It can help us open up unhindered and avoid the common negative symptoms of third eye opening, such as feeling disoriented or confused.

For guidance on chakra grounding, be sure to read our Chakra Intimates previous blog posts.

As you look ahead to your new year, don’t just sit down with a planner and plot out your goals and changes with your head instead, take some time and create some mental space to tap into a greater power within yourself with your third eye chakra.

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