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Gemstones affect our Chakra energy centers

Experts in the field of Vibrational Energy have been testing the vibratory qualities of gemstones as a benefit to humans for years. With advanced technology for measuring frequencies of energy, studies and images of energy fields have been captured proving that energy centers or “Chakra centers” exist in us all. Furthermore, there is no denying that sometimes those energy centers feel sluggish or stagnant, in need of amplification to experience true health and vibrancy. It has been found that to increase this energy we need to increase the strength of the signal going out.
By employing crystals in our self care and healing practices, we can take advantage of the same technology that has been scientifically recognized from Quartz crystals ability to amplify the energy in lasers, cell phones, computers and tv screens (LCD) for example. There’s amazing power in these brilliant stones!
For further reading on the technology of and the metaphysical qualities of Quartz Crystals visit,

  Eco-friendly fabric compliment the Power Girlshort while  Reiki charged gemstones enhance your Root and Navel Chakras.

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