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It’s Called Radiance For a Reason

Have you ever noticed that things can affect you a lot more during the holidays? This can touch you in a variety of situations. You're out with your family picking out a Christmas tree, you see someone ringing a collection bell outside of your local superstore, you’re watching TV and a soppy commercial comes on, you’re taking out the garbage and see a raccoon...and are moved to tears.

While this momentary full body hijacking might feel like you are weak and vulnerable it’s actually quite the opposite. You are in fact strong because in those vulnerable moments you are connected to all that is; and subsequently connected to the power of all that is.

In ancient Egypt, when mummifying the deceased human body was the norm, the different organs of the body were removed from the body and placed in a variety of ornate urns. The heart  was in fact placed in the largest and most ornate urn of them all. They realized that the heart had incredible powers and honored it so, even after death.    

The depth of your heart is your most prized possession. Fortunately, your heart has a power of it’s own.

It’s called your heart chakra.

Your heart chakra is one of seven spinning wheel-like energy centers distributed vertically throughout your body from the base of your spine to several inches above your head.

The heart chakra is the center of love, compassion and peace, and is found smack in the middle of your chest, surrounding and supporting your heart.

If you find yourself having problems in your relationships or feeling distant when you want to feel close, your heart chakra may be weak. If the heart chakra is overactive, you might find yourself becoming too attached to things, and feeling overly emotional all the time.

To make sure you are emotionally stable throughout this holiday season, try on this heart chakra activation practice to feel connected in love without it making you an emotional wreck.

Sit in a crossed-leg position. Let the tips of your index finger and thumb touch on both hands. Put your left hand on your left knee and your right hand in front of the lower part of your breastbone. Concentrate on your heart chakra and visualize the color green. Breathe slowly and deeply. Bring to mind the love you feel for yourself and others. Let the feelings of compassion and forgiveness fill you up from the center of your chest and radiate out of you like rays off the sun until they completely wash over you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and completely wash over you. Sit there in this radiance while you bask in the power of your heart beaming like the sun.

The wonderful thing about this heart activation is that it stays turned on without you having to heavy lift it. It merely requires  you taking the time to tend to it. Like flipping on a switch in a dark room. This practice doesn’t have to take a long time. It can be accomplished in just a few focused minutes.

Try this practice the next time you; are feeling a bit too emotional watching a stray dog cross the street, a homeless woman ask for money outside a shopping mall, watching It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas or when that Hallmark commercial comes on for the 99th time.

You could even do it while you frantically standing in line at Costco. Simply close your eyes, center in your heart, and ring in your radiance.

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