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Perfect Life: Where It Counts; Interview with Influencer Gummy

Geummy is wearing Chakra Intimates Ivory Harmony Bra and Ivory Passion Thong

From the outside, Geummy looked to have the perfect life. She had the perfect body, perfect face, and a perfect fairy-tale marriage. On the inside, she was battling stress, perfectionism, health issues that couldn’t be found by doctors, and an arranged marriage that told her she needed to be more demure and less ambitious. In order to save her life and her spirit, she had to walk away from her culture and her marriage to find her health and her power as a woman.

Q: What made you decide that you wanted to support women with your voice?

A: When I landed my first corporate job in Korea, I experienced a surprising amount of discrimination; for my age, gender, body type, education level, hair color, skin tone, confidence, independence, and my status of being single. The very women who were in my department saw me as competition and they enforced discrimination out of fear. I realized it was the system; limited position for women in leadership, physical attractiveness being a measure of career success, and the critical comparison the culture enforced. I wanted to be the change I wished to see.

Q: Was there a specific moment when you said, “I’ve got to do something now”?

A: When I was set up with a man, who was deemed as the most eligible bachelor in my community, he told me I was too ambitious and that he preferred a more simple woman, I was furious. My community framed our relationship as the "happiest ever after", cookie-cutter life, and I wanted to lead by example that a woman can be independent and not have to conform to such expectations. That is why I practice the life of an empowered woman.

Q: Was there a time in your life when you needed support?

A: As a type A perfectionist, who also tends to take on more than one can handle, I faced a time where I was losing my health.

Q: What kind of support did you look for?

A: I was fighting for my life at the tender age of 13 because my body was under so much stress and trauma.

Q: Where did you find that support?

A: I had to learn to manage my stress and the traumatic experiences. I found healing through food, yoga, and most recently, meditation with healing stones.

Q: Did you intentionally decide to be an influencer or did it happen as a result of something you did?

A: I needed an outlet to speak my opinion and to stand up in the toxic relationship I was in. People said, you must be lucky dating a rich man with status, your life as a woman is set. I was furious that my happiness was dependent on another person's status on paper, especially because I was a woman. Why can't I be my own success? I left that relationship and entire community, moved back to the states and started from the bottom. Back in March of this year, I started sharing about my story of how I had enough and that I was breaking free from the labels that had been placed upon me, false judgements that came from ignorance, and the societal pressures that weighed me down. I was told "you are too educated, men won't like you because you are intimidating", I was told "you're too nice" as if it was a sign of weakness, "dress conservatively, or else adults won't take you seriously", "don't laugh too much, makes you look easy"... I left "my perfect life on paper USC, Harvard, Head of Marketing, Director of programs" to start from the ground up to find my own voice... and this has led me to founding We Golden Productions, which is a beautiful stepping stone where I can hone in my talent of creative directing, and management to create beautiful stories inspired by true events to shed light on the controversial issues of women and Asians portrayed in media. I want to create content where my peers feel they can relate and that they are not alone. I want our future children to grow up in a society where they can really pursue what they want to pursue without feeling disabled by their race, gender, ethnicity or religion. I want people to find their own potential, to be empowered to do great things. To be themselves. Social Media was an outlet for me to share my experiences, connect with others, and spread the message of empowerment.

Q: What does it mean to you to be an influencer?

A: Today, as Social Media Consultant, I help empower small businesses and social impact organizations with the tools of social media. I use my Iphone to create Youtube videos of healthy edible creations.

Q: How would you describe power for a women?

A: A woman has the power to impact an entire generation! We have the power to shape the minds of our future children and generation. Even if we don't have kids of our own, we can still teach our nieces, nephew, neighborhood children an empowered lifestyle.

Q: Do you think vulnerability is an asset or a detractor?

A: Being vulnerable is allowing yourself to acknowledge your true emotions. Being aware of your emotions and making that mind body connection is empowering yourself. When I was hurt from my first relationship, I didn't want to ask for help as I thought being strong was going through tough times alone. I didn't share, didn't shed a tear, and just went on with a hole in my heart that just grew over time. I finally addressed my emotions, that I have built a wall around. When I let this wall down, and became vulnerable again, I healed and grew from it. Being able to ask for help is taking care of yourself, and that takes courage.

Be brave and be loving to yourself and to others. When you are vulnerable, you are allowing space for growth and opportunity for deep connection with one another.

Q: How do you structure your day?

A: I tend to put aside "me" time last. It's something I still struggle with, but now I make a conscious effort to take time for myself. I put healing Chakra stones next to my bed to remind me to take time for myself.

Q: How important is factoring “me” time?

A: Me time is so important! Loving yourself is not the same as selfishness. It's an act that allows yourself to feel and to love others selflessly. While in selfishness you are ignorant of others choosing not to care or be observant is an act of isolating yourself. "Others" simply don't exist in your thoughts. Open your heart to accept other's love for you and by opening your mind to feel and appreciate them. This is also the importance of vulnerability.

Q: What does “me time” look like for you?

A: We are spiritual beings, with powerful auras! When we are empowered, we can better help others. Me-time is a time to recharge yourself. Energy is contagious, and when you radiate, you can shed light in others. That is why self care is even more important. One of my self-care routine is using essential oils and massage oils. Massaging helps increase blood flow and stimulates collagen production. Not only that, when you tap into pressure points and lymph node areas you can support your body's own healing ability. I love using stones as they have healing energies.

Q: Where do you look for energetic support?

A: I just discovered the power of healing stones! They are incredible and I love how Chakra Intimates makes it easy for these special stones to be so intimately close with us in a comfortable way.  
Negativity comes from one's ignorance; choosing to focus on the negatives instead of seeing the larger picture.

We are so often hit with negativity—negative news, negative perspectives—from pessimistic people that it might seem next to impossible to continue on with a positive spirit. Instead of getting stuck in the negative, surround yourself with positivity. Positive words, positive symbolism, positive stones, and positive people!

Q: How important is buying with eco-awareness?

A: When I purchase items, I choose consciously the environmental impact of the product, ingredient integrity, fair trade, cruelty free, and most important of all the values behind the company.

Q: How do you think we can impact this planet if we bought with preserving it in mind?

A: We are such high consumers! We can make an impact by being conscious buyers! It really adds up, plus I feel so empowered knowing I'm putting on something that's good for me and the environment!

Q: What are your top 3 tips for staying happy, whole and successful?

A: 1) You can achieve confidence by knowing yourself and feeling comfortable in who you are.

2) Working out, eating healthy, letting your body rest and sleep (this is something I'm working on and using a sleeping app helps!)

3) Being thankful and fostering happy thoughts when you are grateful, you feel more positive, radiating good vibes that makes you more attractive and fun to be around.

Q: What is your wish for the woman who you support?

A:  When you are feeling inadequate, you are holding yourself to the metaphor of a glass half empty, focus on the glass that's half full: you are full of love, talent, and achievements! As for the part you see yourself as lacking or empty, see it as room for opportunity to grow and develop yourself in anyway you want to. How exciting is that?!

Wise words from a brave women who choose her personal power over the norms of her culture and community. What’s one thing you walk away from our interview with Geummy that you would like to embody in your own life? Let us know on our Facebook page.

To follow Geummy find her on Instagram.

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