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A peak into "Poofy's" multilayered project that gives all of herself for the world to see.

Poofy, inspires us to practice loving mirror mantras while wearing her Vitality Bralette & Power Girlshort ~

Our “Your Chakra Is Showing” influencer series highlights remarkable women chosen for their unique voice and commitment to female empowerment. Our champions demonstrate feminine strength, personal growth, and a commitment to themselves and the planet every day.

Christina Moffitino, or "Poofy" to those who follow her impassioned path, embodies every one of those qualities. Motivated and passionate about spreading love and light through movement, she has found that practicing and leading others through a number of challenging pursuits only adds more fuel to this trail blazer's fire. We love so much about Poofy and what she stands for but mostly that she proclaims "kicking off dance parties and shifting energy are her superpowers!"...Now that's the kind of woman we want in our lives, right? 


What made you decide that you wanted to support women with your voice?

It’s very important for women to support and uplift each other. We can be so influential in each other’s lives, even if just for that brief moment of interaction with one another. For me it’s body image, and I continually work with women of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. I preach to love yourself in this moment and practice mirror mantras. The things you tell yourself in the mirror should be loving and supportive, just like you would be talking to a partner.  

Was there a specific moment when you said, “I’ve got to do something now”?

My blog was a very huge accomplishment for me this year. After 9 years of developing my voice and creating content for others, I set fear aside and launched it this past August. The behind the scenes process of creating was a labor of love but a project that really has all of me wrapped in it for the world to see.

Was there a time in your life when you needed support?


What was it?

It was 3 years ago when I took the leap of faith to leave my 9-5 job to pursue an entrepreneurial entertainment career. It was the scariest and most liberating decision I’ve ever made.

Where did you find that support?

My mom was my rock through it all. I went through all kinds of jobs and cried to her when times got tough but she was always there to uplift and encourage me. She reminded to choose my happiness and she’d be here to support.

Did you intentionally decide to be an influencer or did it happen as a result of something you did?

My influence is a result of continually following my passion and creating. I’ve put out a lot of original content and worked with others who have done the same. I’m happy to be inspiring and motivating others to life their best life!

What does it mean to you to be an influencer?

To me being an influencer is having a platform to be able to connect and inspire. Hopefully to light a spark in someone else to raise their vibration and implement a practice or work on that project that’s been sitting on their heart.

How would you describe power for a woman?  

I would describe it as an internal light. We all have it but we have to continually do things to fuel it and keep it lit! Once we unleash that power we’re unstoppable.

Do you think vulnerability is an asset or a detractor?

Vulnerability is an asset if we are able be authentic and surrender to it.

How do you structure your day?  

I structure my day around opportunity and movement. I have to get some flow or class in to stretch and move my body. Depending on what I’m booked on that day I prioritize the days work and then factor in my physical movement.

How important is factoring “me” time?  

Me time is so crucial. I feel so off balance when I don’t have my self care nights, brunch dates or those moments of silence to let my thoughts marinate.

What does “me time” look like for you?

Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s a spa night in with face masks and an herbal crystal baths. Other times its grabbing my favorite thai food and binging on Netflix.

Where do you look for energetic support?

My best friends. We activate each other with face cramping laughter and wild dance parties!

How important is buying with eco-awareness?

It’s so important to invest in companies who make the big effort to create eco products. Its my hope in the next 5 years we all start to think and act on that wave length.

How do you think we can impact this planet if we bought with preserving it in mind?

If we all acted with world preservation in mind our world would not be the waste dump it’s turning into. Our environment and weather pattern is changing because of the lack of preservation and awareness. The earth is holding our life and future, if we consciously consume and implement programs and resources we can make major shifts happen.

What are your top 3 tips for staying happy, whole and successful?

Don’t compare yourself to others

Listen to your intuition

Balance work and play

What is your wish for the woman that you support?

Live in your light and help shine that onto everyone you meet.


Wise words from an empowered woman who is ready to spark that fire in you to get up and live your dreams. What’s one thing you take away from our interview with Christina that you would like to embody in your own life? Let us know on our Facebook page. You can and should follow Christina @itspoofy and check out her website to read more about her passions that she blogs about including self care, pole dancing & lingerie to name a few!

And watch for more from inspirational women on our blog, our newsletter and on our social feed on Facebook and Instagram as we share their stories of challenge and triumph, and finding their own power along the way.

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