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Remove Holiday Stress With This One Simple Thing

The holiday season is here and with it comes; a lot of emotions, demands on your energy, and often general overwhelm. Holiday emotions can run the gambit of love, joy, and gratitude; as well as resentment, loneliness, and despair. Sometimes all of these emotions can happen at once. Demands on your energy can come from attending holiday gatherings, stressing about what to wear, staying up late and eating things that aren’t so good for you. Having to accomplish a lot more at work while fitting time to shop for gifts or cook for your loved ones. All of this can lead to a general feeling of being out of whack.

Fortunately there’s something powerful you can do for yourself that can help you soar through the holidays and enjoy this precious season. It’s called grounding. It only takes a few minutes and it’s simple to achieve by activating your root chakra.

Your root chakra is one of seven spinning wheel-like energy centers distributed vertically throughout your body, from the base of your spine to several inches above your head.

Your root chakra is situated at the base of your spine, at your perineum (most easily found by sitting cross-legged on the ground.) It’s the part of your body that roots you to the ground. A balanced root chakra lends to a feeling of security, groundedness, and being taken care of; which certainly can come in handy this time of year.

To prevent yourself from being run ragged this holiday season, try on this root chakra activation practice to ground yourself.

Stand up straight and relaxed, feet shoulder- width apart, and slightly bend your knees. Slightly tilt your pelvis forward while equally distributing your weight over the soles of your feet. Breathe deeply and with each exhale feel your connection to the earth deepen. Now sit in a crossed-leg position, resting your hands on your knees, palms up and gently touch your thumb and index finger.

Relax and focus on your root chakra (base of your spine) and visualize a closed red flower with a very powerful energy radiating around it. Visualize that energy slowly opening the flower, revealing four red petals full of energy. See that energy brighten and radiate downward as it illuminates your tailbone and grounds you. Visualize yourself feeling supported, secure and safe. It’s that simple.

This practice doesn’t have to take a long time. It can be accomplished in just a few focused minutes.

Try this practice the next time you; head out to work in the morning on a busy day, before you go into a crowded store, while you are getting dressed for a holiday party, or your the car before going into a family gathering.

Your root chakra powers your connection to family and social belonging. When you turn it on, simply by bringing your attention to it, your holiday exhaustion and overwhelm is replaced with the feelings of safety, security and connection.

Isn’t that a much better way to experience this holiday season?

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