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~ Allowing stillness to bring the Power ~ Interview with "Cuts of a Diamond" author Sandra Bicknell

Settling into stillness, Sandra radiates Goddess power, lounging in her Vitality Bralette and Resonance Robe ~

Our “Your Chakra Is Showing” influencer series highlights remarkable women chosen for their unique voice and commitment to female empowerment. Our champions demonstrate feminine strength, personal growth, and a commitment to themselves and the planet every day.

Sandra Rodriguez-Bicknell, isn't just another pretty face. Although she spent some years as a top international model and still has the looks to continue if she so desired, her calling took a different turn when she fell in love, created a family, then fell to heartbreak, then love again...and then again, only to find herself reinventing not only her outward life, but her spiritual life as well. Now we get to reap the benefits of wisdom gained along her amazing journey as she shares her captivating story in her book "Cuts of a Diamond". Since releasing the book and receiving such a positive response, she has ventured into the exciting world of coaching and leading retreats to offer her insight and support. 

What made you decide that you wanted to support women with your voice?

As life happened, I came to realized that God would not have taken me through such a journey in vain. I knew deep in my heart that His purpose was to use me. That is when I decided to write my book and share it all.


Was there a specific moment when you said, “I’ve got to do something now”?

It was after my last break up when I decided that I wasn’t willing to fall victim to heartache anymore. Although I wanted to love again I knew that I had to do some serious soul searching and more importantly, soul healing. During this time I knew that it was my duty to take those experiences and turn them into healing tools for others.


Was there a time in your life when you needed support?

I don’t think there has ever been a time that I didn’t need support to be honest.  I feel that life is difficult enough so reaching out to friends and family for support is crucial.


What was it?

In my case it’s been on several occasions and I give thanks that there has always been someone there if not several people to hold me through the toughest times. Break ups, divorce, loss, uprooting myself from different countries, the birth of my children...In all aspects of life, support has been a gift I have always been blessed with.


Where did you find that support?

Aside from God, the Universe and my higher self. I have always turned to family, friends and my life coaches.  


Did you intentionally decide to be an influencer or did it happen as a result of something you did?  

Being an influencer was not something I sought out.  It was the overwhelming response to my book that made me realize that being raw and honest is what people needed in order to feel “normal”. Highlighting my trials and tribulations would help others realize that we are all in this together. We are not alone and that we all suffer and hurt the same way everyone else does.


What does it mean to you to be an influencer?

It’s not something to take lightly. If people are pay attention to your message then it must be pure and from the heart. From God.


How would you describe power for a woman?  

Power for a woman is that space where we allow stillness in your life. When you listen to your heart and your higher self and make decisions that suit you best. They may not always be the best decisions but they are necessary for our personal growth.


Do you think vulnerability is an asset or a detractor?  

I feel vulnerability is so very important to experience. When one is vulnerable you allow yourself to drop the ego and allow true emotions flow through. You leave yourself open to love and to be loved without fear or conditioned beliefs. I speak from experience when I say I know how difficult this is, especially when you’ve been hurt over and over again. Love is risky, but the sweetest state to be in.


How do you structure your day?  

I have to confess, structure has been one of my greatest challenges. I guess I can say that I structure my life around the energy I feel and the flow of life. Unstructured structure, if that’s a thing.


How important is factoring “me” time?

“Me” time is the only way to gauge where we are and how we are feeling about our purpose. You don’t have to be in the “service” industry to take care of yourself but it is important to make sure that we are at the best state we can so we can contribute the to in a positive way. Otherwise we run the risk of hurting others.


What does “me time” look like for you?

My me time is separating myself from any uneasy energy. I can go for a walk, take a shower, listen to an astrology forecast. Anything that fills me with peace and hopeful energy.


Where do you look for energetic support?

I look to nature for energetic support. It could be to be by the sea or in the hills but always accompanied by my gemstones and crystals. I carry them EVERYWHERE I go...and now I wear them on my lingerie too!


How important is buying with eco-awareness?

I feel it is our duty to live and lead by example and eco-awareness is one of the most important areas of life where we can take part in this effort. Using recycled and recyclable products and not using plastic, turning off lights and removing plugs from outlets is what I most focus on.


How do you think we can impact this planet if we bought with preserving it in mind?

The hope is to save our planet from the inevitable destruction pollution and waste causes our beautiful home. Maybe this can be a place where future generations can have the same opportunity we’ve had to enjoy the beauty that is Mother Earth.


What are your top 3 tips for staying happy, whole and successful?

Live in gratitude. Forgive-- including yourself. And move through the world with love.


What is your wish for the woman that you support?

My one wish is that they give themselves more credit. That they appreciate themselves and all they contribute. A woman doesn’t have to always be “doing” in order to contribute to the world. We should all remember to appreciate that pure, nurturing energy.


Wise words from a woman who is ready to help you rise above heartbreak and manifest your life into a thing of beauty. What’s one thing you take away from our interview with Sandra that you would like to embody in your own life? Let us know on our Facebook page. You can and should follow Sandra on her Instagram and check out her website to read more about her passions for raising your vibrations, manifesting and the power of forgiveness.

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