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Your Chakra Intimates pieces ~Sustainable to the end

Image of repurposing our remnant production materials into our lovely Third Eye Calming Masks. 

We're so happy for the growing interest in sustainable fashion and conscious buying that's happening now. As conscious consumers ourselves, we've been contemplating the challenges of cleaning and greening our closets to exchange items that aren't serving us in terms of not fitting properly and not bringing joy when wearing them with items that are friendly to our bodies, skin and the planet. 

But that leaves the major question of what to do with these items we no longer wish to own? Especially our undergarments that may not be suitable for donation. So we wanted to share some great ideas for recycling and repurposing our Chakra Intimates collection when, for whatever reason, they no longer serve you. 

First of all, you will want to remove the gemstones to add to any of the below DIY ideas or simply string them together to create a custom piece of jewelry.

Then remove the trim, hooks and lace if applicable then cut any of the Lenzing Modal that is too small or not suitable for reuse into small strips and just simply add it to your compost bin or bury it in the ground as over time it is 100% biodegradable and has only been dyed with plant based ingredients that are environmentally safe. 

For the strap elastics:  

1. you can make headbands (cute floral?) and hair ties (see Pintrest for great images and instructions)  

2. you can use them for head straps on DIY eye masks  

3. you can repurpose the straps on an older camisole, tank top, nightgown that have become loose, torn or could just use an upgrade

4. we even found instructions for a DIY bra strap bracelet that could be a fun sleepover project for your kids and their friends

5. you can make curtain ties with the adjustable straps

6. you can use the pico edge elastic to trim the sleeves of a t-shirt, kid's clothing or pillow case

For the bra hooks:  

you can use again for another bra that has worn out hooks 

For any reusable modal or lace:  

1. you can make sachets for your clothing drawers by filling the fabric with herbs and dried flowers

2. you can use the lace to trim any small item like a pillow or eye mask

3. you can make doll clothing or items for a doll house like curtains and bed linens  

4. you can fill pillows or toys that need a little fluffing up

All it takes is a little time and creativity to see the new potential in something; as the famous and wise Mr. (Fred) Rodgers said, “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

Please feel free to share any other ideas you have here or on our Instagram or Facebook page. We love learning about and sharing inspirations for sustainable, conscious living!


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