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What Exactly is Eco-Friendly Fashion?

Eco-Friendly Fashion Mean

What does Eco-Friendly Fashion Mean?
In today's age it is becoming increasingly important to acquire and adapt to sustainable methods in all aspects of our daily lives. When it comes to what we wear and our carbon footprint, we strive to make the best decisions on a personal and environmental level.
We need fashion that is: durable, fair trade, natural materials and recycled. 
Taking a closer look into what eco-friendly fashion really means~
Quality items made with the best materials are made to last longer and are free from dyes and bleaches that can wear out materials over long term use.
Fair Trade
All materials leave little carbon footprint. Incorporated are materials and resources from companies who pay their workers fairly and are in proper working conditions.
Natural Dyes
Plant based dyes are used providing a more hypoallergenic approach to what you wear and reducing exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals.
Innovating creative use of materials such as recycled paper for tags and reusable bags for packaging.
At Chakra Intimates we strive to create quality items that follow these terms and our mission of leaving as little carbon footprint along our manufacturing process as possible.

Our garments, hand made in LA are constructed with the highest quality, eco-friendly fabrics, are made to last and be a comfort to your soul's journey. Also every garment has consciously sourced, Reiki attuned gemstones to support the Chakra center it rests upon.

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