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Chakras and Reiki

Although it is not necessary for you to embrace these beliefs to enjoy the beautiful garments of Chakra Intimates, it is our wish that you will find this information interesting and inspiring~


Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice of balancing and restoring energy in humans and animals. It can also be used to “charge” or “attune” objects with healing, protective, positive energy. The object can then be used to increase the effectiveness of a healing session, placed in a specific area that needs healing or balance or symbolically...

Chakra Colors, Related Emotions and Meditations

While slipping into your Chakra Intimates garments or anytime wearing them, you may want to reflect upon the additional energy your beautiful Chakra centers are receiving from what these symbolic garments represent. All of our gemstones are consciously sourced, then infused with Reiki energy to empower the wearer.
1st ROOT CHAKRA:  primary color is Red, secondary colors are black/brown & grey. Balanced emotions are trust, vitality, security, passion, spontaneity. Related gemstones are smoky quartz, garnet, ruby, onyx, red jasper, hematite.
Related Mantra or...