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About Us

When Los Angeles-based Krista Ruegg decided she wanted to start Chakra Intimates, a lingerie line that has Reiki-charged crystals hand-sewn into each piece, she knew she wanted to take all of the sustainability picture into consideration.

“To me, sustainable production means to create something that has more of a long-lasting impression,” Ruegg explains. “Not just a temporary flash of pleasure like [what the industry is calling] ‘fast fashion.’ We wanted to slow it down and consider each phase of production. We also wanted to get away from elements of the process that are not necessary, that are wasteful and filling up landfills, or that might be harmful to the environment and to people, like harsh chemical dyes. My hope is that all these factors can add to the enjoyment of purchasing, then ultimately wearing an item that the customer knows was thoughtfully created and even has a healing value to it.”

Each piece in the Chakra Intimates line, which currently includes bras, panties, tanks, slips robes, and an eye mask features gemstones placed at key chakra (energy) centers to help energize and balance the wearer for mental and physical well being. Ruegg feels that the attention to sustainability adds to the attraction of the pieces, which are beautiful and made from silky Lenzing modal. “Right from the beginning I knew I wanted to use a material that was eco-friendly but also felt wonderful to wear. Modal is a fabric made from the cellulose of the beechwood tree that doesn’t require pesticides and is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world. I’m particular about the dyes, too; we’re getting this wonderful fabric that should be healthy for the skin and environment and a dye made from harsh chemicals would ruin that, so the dyes we use are all vegetable based dyes; as we grow we’ll add more colors."

“And I am very proud that everything is local. I found a mill in Los Angeles that makes fabric, using Lenzing Modal yarn, and the sewing factory is in the San Fernando Valley, a close distance from my home, so there’s no shipping necessary. Not only do I have a better eye for quality control, but also the pride of working with another local company that shares my values,” Ruegg says proudly.

“We have a fabulous workforce, many of whom are first- and second-generation immigrants and who have lots of talent. The men and women doing the cutting and sewing get a fair wage and bonuses. The owner holds those values very high. It’s a good combination and we support each other. “

Chakra Intimates is also quite conscious about waste and packaging as every item comes in re-useable organza bags and they up-cycle fabric and lace to make eye masks, sewn by local seamstresses.

The Chakra Story

Ruegg, herself an import from Rochester, New York, had a successful massage therapy business in Los Angeles for 20 years, when she had an epiphany that led to a career change.

“I remember the exact moment: I was having some low back issues,” Ruegg recalls.  That’s when Ruegg’s friend and massage therapist Nandi Haidl, offered her a healing chakra stone to place there.  “I laughed and said we should make ‘chakra panties’ to get the benefit of the stone all day long,” she recalls. “The relevance of that particular chakra I had been meditating on in hopes of bringing strength and balance to my back is that it’s the chakra energy center related to creation and birth. So it’s no wonder the idea for Chakra Intimates was born at that moment.  

The general idea, says Ruegg, is to harness the living energy of the stones (“which have been growing and absorbing energy from the earth for thousands of years”) to balance and strengthen the spiritual body. “Just as you eat and get the benefits from healthful food, this is another way of bringing something good to your body.”

Underwear that’s good for you, and a company that’s good for its community and the environment. That’s Chakra Intimates.
Krista Carey-Ruegg

Krista Carey-Ruegg, Owner and Founder  

 It's a joyous feeling to be part of creating something truly unique that has purpose beyond the initial aesthetic. While studying fashion and business at the University of Mississippi in the early 90’s, I dreamed of having a happy career in that field only to quickly become disenchanted and spiritually unfulfilled. Looking back, I see how that passion was true but the timing for the correct inspiration just hadn’t come yet.
Searching for something that would bring the fulfillment I desired began my 17+ year career in the field Wellness as a Bodywork practitioner. Through the thousands of sessions I’ve been blessed to witness and experience; the profound healing effects of energetic flow has been undeniable and I believe is the source of inspiration for this company. Reconnecting now with the field of fashion through the fun spiritual edge that makes Chakra Intimates so special couldn’t be more thrilling and exciting. I look forward to embracing all that will come.