About Us

Krista Carey-Ruegg
Krista Carey-Ruegg, Owner and Chief Operating Officer 
 It's a joyous feeling to be part of creating something truly unique that has purpose beyond the initial aesthetic. While studying fashion and business at the University of Mississippi in the early 90’s, I dreamed of having a happy career in that field only to quickly become disenchanted and spiritually unfulfilled. Looking back, I see how that passion was true but the timing for the correct inspiration just hadn’t come yet.
   Searching for something that would bring the fulfillment I desired began my 17+ year career in the field Wellness as a Bodywork practitioner. Through the thousands of sessions I’ve been blessed to witness and experience; the profound healing effects of energetic flow has been undeniable and I believe is the source of inspiration for this company. Reconnecting now with the field of fashion through the fun spiritual edge that makes Chakra Intimates so special couldn’t be more thrilling and exciting. I look forward to embracing all that will come.