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From our own experiences with healing energies, we absolutely believe in the ability to reinforce one's own strength by bringing the healing power of the Earth close to us. Wearing Chakra stones against the body is one way to experience this sensation; promoting a sense of personal power and well being.

Lingerie, in its intimate nature, can provide a feminine channel to connect to your spirituality and promote self-confidence. By embracing our own 2nd Chakra's inclination for creativity and courage, we present to you this collection of spiritually inspired lingerie complete with Reiki attuned gemstones. Each garment is lovingly hand-sewn with a gemstone that correlates to the Chakra it rests upon.

By combining our passion for spirituality with our devotion to ethically made goods, it is our wish to provide you with a luxurious garment that harmonizes a sensual feeling on your body and a positive feeling in your soul!

Chakra Intimates Inspiration