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Your Eco Buying Power

You may not realize you have the power to clean up our planet and make it a healthy place to live for all life, just by the choices you make in what you buy. Take clothes for example...

Did you know that... The textile industry is the 2nd largest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

This is placed right behind oil. Most people think it is transportation or livestock but no! It’s the stuff you put on your back. It is the stuff you keep hidden in your closet and then throw away into the trash because you’re tired of it or just because it gets a hole.

Did you know that...

85% of the pollution washed up onto our beaches comes from our clothes?

That is insane! Most movies make it look like plastic bottles and McDonalds wrappers but nope! This makes complete sense to you if you know that Polyester is the most common fabric used in today’s apparel. When you understand that Polyester is plastic, you can see how every time you wash it tiny plastic particles fall off and get circulated into our planet’s ecosystem. No matter where you live, no animal or human can survive eating plastic.

Did you know that…

The cotton t-shirt you are wearing needed a 3 years supply of drinking water for one person?

15 A very large amount of water for a single t-shirt. Not to mention the insecticides and pesticides that ran off into the ocean while the prefabric was sitting as a crop. Did you know that…

Some rivers in India can predict which color is going to be in trend for next season, by looking at what color the water is running.

This is incredibly terrible for all life on our planet. Is it going to be dark blue, purple, yellow, maybe red? The dyes and chemicals our fashion production put into the water can often ruin the water source so much that livestock cannot drink it. You know it is bad when it is not good for our livestock. Plant based dyes do exist and work just as well as synthetic dyes. These dyes look better too. Natural dyes have a look that is natural and down to earth.

Did you know that…

In the US alone, each human puts about 70 lbs of clothing into landfills annually.

This is too much. Don’t you agree?

In the UK only 5% of the clothing gets donated to thrift stores.

Everything else goes into landfills and burns into carbon monoxide. Which is deadly for our planet. You have incredible buying power. Everything you buy has an impact on this planet. That impact can be helpful or damaging. It’s up to you. Choose to be picky about the clothes you buy. Protect your skin and your conscious with recycled apparel and plant-based dyed fabric. You can protect your planet and your health. You can choose eco-friendly fashion. Eco fashion is powerful, it’s sexy, it’s extremely important, and it’s way bigger than you. You may not be able to purchase an entire eco-friendly wardrobe right now but today you can purchase a few recycled pieces. This is how it starts. Buy a couple small pieces, a bra, some underwear, and then next year, a couple more pieces and then before you know it, you have a whole eco-friendly wardrobe to be extremely proud of—knowing that you are single-handedly doing some big for the planet.

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